Nearly sixty years after first being introduced to American audiences, Pat Boone remains an iconic piece of American pop culture.

His achievements as an entertainer are unmatched, bringing him not only international fame and a formidable fortune but also the respect of fellow entertainers. In an industry where popularity is fleeting, the fact that Pat Boone still attracts crowds and headlines speaks volumes to his impact on American entertainment and culture.

While much of Pat Boone’s fame was garnered through his musical career and his many chart-topping hits, he is also identified by his film career, though it is not nearly as well documented. In his captivating biography, Pat Boone: The Hollywood Years, Richard Kibbey sets out to explore the film history of Pat Boone and illustrate his transition from crooner to rising star.

Though some might write off his film career as fleeting, it’s obvious that Pat Boone’s star quality was explosive. Though he began appearing on television in the 50s, which could have hurt his movie career, 20th Century Fox made an ingenious choice to take him on as a leading man for not only romantic musicals but also science fiction and powerful dramas.

With interviews from fellow costars, in-depth film analyses, documentation of his family life, and a behind-the-scenes look at the planning, scriptwriting, scoring, and songwriting of his popular films, this thorough history of Pat Boone’s film career is sure to delight not only Pat Boone fans but also anyone interested in the golden era of Hollywood, movies, and musicals.

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